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At Urban Solar we only use the highest quality components in our solar packages.

The solar inverter is the 'brain' of a solar power system. Some of our competitors offer
quality solar panels in their systems and then use a sub-standard generic inverter to
lower costs. This is not an area to sacrifice quality.

If you want to get the most out of your solar power system, you need to get the electricity
from your roof to the appliances in your home efficiently.

At Urban Solar we have chosen two premium inverter brands to ensure the maximum
possible electricity yields are being produced day in and day out.




Latronics Inverters are one of the few Australian-made inverters on the market and are
renowned for their quality and flexibility.


Key system benefits

Safety       Safety
Using lower voltages on the PV side, means there are lower voltages your roof eliminating high voltage hazards and giving peace of mind to installers and service personnel
Improved energy yield       Improved energy yield
Parallel string configurations are less susceptible to panel tolerances (mismatch) within the panel strings, this ensures maximum panel output
Flexible panel orientation       Flexible panel orientation
Where panels are required to be installed at different angles on a roof, such as a pitched roof, parallel panel configurations can be adapted to maximize performance
Maximum performance with shading       Maximum performance with shading
In unexpected instances of the panel array becoming partly shaded, the parallel string configuration will not be completely compromised, ensuring maximum energy yield under these conditions


Model number PVE1200 (1.6kW)
Input data
Max solar input 1600W
Max DC input voltage 100V
Output data
Output power 1250W max
Peak efficiency 94%
General data
Status indicators Digital LCD watt-hour-meter, Output power level, LED's,
Grid - Stability check, Solar input ON, Grid fault, Overload
Connections AC and DC pluggable connectors
Wall mount enclosure Powder coated aluminium
Dimensions 330mm x 296mm x 150mm
Weight 11kg



Xantrex Inverters

Xantrex is a premium inverter brand, which is owned and manufactured by Schneider Electric, one of the largest electronics companies in the world.

Xantrex inverters have a very good reputation for quality and efficiency as well as incorporating leading technology.

High Performance Inverter:

  • Superior PV Energy harvest
  • Peak inverter efficiency
  • Excellent thermal performance

Full Featured Inverter Display and Communications

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Vibration Sensor allows the tap of a finger to turn backlight on and display screen cycling
  • Bright LED indicators provide system status at a glance
  • PC Software for remote monitoring and system troubleshooting


Electrical Specifications GT2.8-AU(3kW) GT5.0-AU(5kW)
Maximum AC power output 2800 W 5000 W
Nominal AC voltage 230 V 230 V
Nominal AC frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Maximum continuous output current 14.0 A 24.0 A
Over current protection 20 A 30 A
Current THD < 3% < 3%
Peak inverter efficiency 95% 96%
Euro efficiency 94% 96%
Night time tare loss 1 W 1 W
Topology HF, Isolated HF, Isolated
DC input voltage range 195 to 600 Vdc 240 to 600 Vdc
Peak power tracking voltage range 195 to 550 Vdc 240 to 550 Vdc
Recommended PV array power 3070 W 5300 W
Maximum array short circuit current 24 Adc 24 Adc